• Ambience- 5/10
  • Food- 8/10
  • Value for money- 7/10
  • Service- 7/10
  • Location- 6/10
  • Hygiene: 7/10
  • Overall- 6.5/10

Ever had a craving for some spicy food? When we say spicy in South India one of the first region that comes to mind is Andhra Pradesh. This week we wanted some sakkath spice and on Bejai New Road we see our savior “Andhra House”. The name itself should speak about its cuisine. But, does Andhra House live up to the A.P reputation? Read on.

We entered to a very basic ambience separated by an AC and non ac seating. Considering the heat in Mangalore non ac certainly isn’t an option. The difference is only an additional 10pc in the AC section.

We glanced at the menu and we saw so many Andhra specialties ranging from Dum Biryani to chilly chicken and even meals! Without further ado we ordered. We started with some Andhra Chicken 65 and Green Chilly Chicken. The former was Andhra in our tummy i.e it was very well prepared true to its authentic style, the same can be said about the Green Chilly Chicken.

Moving on to main course we ordered Chicken Dum Biryani and Full Plate Meals. The Biryani was heavenly we say as it was perfectly spiced and the chicken was extremely tender making it go well along with the rice now this is the identity of a true Andhra place. The Full Plate Meals consists of Unlimited Rice, Poppu (Andhra style Dal), rasam, sambar and a dry vegetable. But the best part is that they serve GUNPOWDER (the typical Andhra style garlic powder). The meal was extremely satisfying.

The authenticity in Andhra House had won our Hearts! For those who love spicy food and Biryani this is your Mecca!

Location: Bejai Church Road, Bejai, Near K.S.R.T.C Bus Stand, Mangalore, Karnataka